epop media is a still and video production company based in

Los Angeles, CA.


Our productions have taken us around the globe creating still, panoramic imagery and motion content.


Eric Poppleton's experience as a DP has been a direct result of adrenaline junkies like myself. Expeditions include a 1500 mile dirt bike motorcycle ride from Tecate to Cabo in Baja Mexico, trekking in Nepal up to Mount Everest Base Camp twice, climbing the  Matterhorn in Switzerland and a multi sport challenge for Red Bull in Chile to Patagonia led by two Navy Seals.


Corporate video productions have included health / wellness companies and related events.


Technical applications of our spherical HDR photography have been utilized on feature film projects and commercials for visual effect shots.


Clients Include:

Automotive 360 Photography: Ford, Chrysler, Scion

Hospitality: Ian Schrager, Morgans Hotel Group

CGI: Visa , Audi, Addidas, KIA, Zerone, Earth London

Action Sports Productions: Red Bull, Fuel TV, CushCo, xRez Studios

Corporate: Herbalife, Walt Disney Imagineering